A village should be wealthy

That is what we at LLC "Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" have always strongly believed in. And it is very important for us when the village community itself, its headman and chiefs of social institutions want the same thing. During the years of our cooperation, community of Hnatkiv village was and still is one of the most active ones.

So this year, too, residents of Hnatkiv village started to fulfill the plan, without wasting time. Of the planned 209,000 hryvnias, more than 183,000 hryvnias have already been used. They purchased, in particular: furniture for the school for a total of 50,640 hryvnias and building materials for routine repairs on more than 27,000 hryvnias, carpet and materials for routine repairs for a kindergarten in the amount of 6,400 hryvnias, a motor-cutter, a chainsaw and a computer chair for a village council in the amount of 8167 hryvnias, and street lights for 2109 hryvnias. Also, for the improvement of the center of the village, 10 urns and 6 benches were purchased, installed at the administrative building of the headman, school and monument, and the necessary building materials and paving slabs, which are now installed near the monument to the fallen soldiers. More than 77,000 hryvnias were allocated for these purposes. At the same time, assistance was provided to resolve water supply issues (4,800 hryvnias) and to purchase an electric cable and a timer (6,600 hryvnias).