Crop production

On 25,000 hectares of land in Tulchyn, Tomashpil', Nemyriv, Sharhorod and Tyvriv regions of Vinnytsia Oblast we grow wheat, barley, sugar beets, sunflowers, corn, soybeans. We sell grain and industrial crops in domestic and foreign markets; we supply fodder crops to our own animal complexes after processing at our own mixed fodder plant. The processing of the grown sugar beets is carried out by Tomashpil' sugar refining plant as part of the Agricultural complex.

High-performance equipment from leading manufacturers: CLAAS, HORSCH, Case, Fendt, Ropa, New Holland, Berthoud, Lemken, Kverneland, Great Plains, as well as all the necessary attachments and trailed equipment helps us carefully cultivate the fertile lands of Vinnytsia.

Since July 2017, the Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" has been using CROPIO satellite monitoring system, which, together with weather information and satellite data, monitors the state of crops and, in accordance with the vegetation index, gives forecasts on the yield of crops. CROPIO allows you to track hourly and daily work, productivity and movement of equipment. The system can send automatic notifications in such situations as: working without plan, absence of signal, deviation from the route and others.

On the agenda of the Agricultural complex is increasing yields by introducing modern technologies and growing crops that are in demand in agricultural markets. The focus is on the use of wide-cut and energy-saving equipment with a high level of productivity