Strategy and mission


With love for people, our work and our land, we are creating the future of the agricultural sector of Ukraine today!


The strategic goal of the agricultural complex is the desire to become a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of high-quality and environmentally friendly agricultural products due to the high rates of development of each of the business areas.

Increasing the productivity of crop production

  • Expansion of the land bank.
  • Growing high-yield crops that are in demand in agricultural markets.
  • Expansion of the machine and tractor fleet and the practical application of modern technologies for growing crops.
  • Real-time mobile production management, control of labor productivity and resource costs.
  • Real-time yield monitoring.
  • Geolocation systems, remote control of the effective use of technology.

Recycling of organic waste and by-products

  • Biogas production from sugar pulp and other organic agricultural waste.

Developments in animal breeding

  • Reconstruction of dairy farms using free-standing technology.
  • Construction of new milking parlors according to European standards.
  • Improving production efficiency on existing farms.

Reconstruction of grain elevator

  • Construction of the II stage of an elevator for 40,000 tons at the industrial site of an existing grain-receiving enterprise.

Sugar plant development

  • Modernization of steam boilers to switch to alternative fuels.
  • Increasing the capacity of the production complex.