Sugar production

Tomashpil' sugar refining plant

Today, Tomashpil' sugar refining plant is one of the best enterprises of the sugar industry in Ukraine. The production capacity of sugar beet processing is more than 2,600 tons per day and of sugar production - 400 tons per day. During one season, the production volume exceeds 40,000 tons of sugar.

The main types of finished goods: white crystalline sugar of I-III categories, sucrose for champagne, and also related products: molasses, pulp and commercial lime

The enterprise was founded in 1856 by the Kuperman brothers and is one of the oldest in the sugar industry of Ukraine. The stone workshops, which are still in operation, were built in 1878 and became part of the famous Brodsky sugar empire. At the time, the plant was processing 300 tons of sugar beets per day. Since then, the enterprise has been rebuilt and re-equipped many times.

Every year, operations on technical re-equipment, automation and modernization of production processes are carried out, and energy-saving technologies are introduced.

The enterprise wins prizes among the sugar plants of Ukraine and Vinnytsia Oblast in terms of technical and economic indicators.

The plant continues to develop. Every year, the release of new types of products is mastered, and new sales markets open up: since 2012, the products manufactured in Tomashpil' have been successfully exported to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Israel.