About the company

Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" is a diversified industrial complex, which was created on the basis of a sugar refining plant and farms of Tomashpil' and Tulchyn regions located in the south of Vinnytsia Oblast in September 2004. Currently, the company operates in 5 regions: Tomashpil', Tulchyn, Nemyriv, Sharhorod and Tyvriv regions.

  • 25,000 hectares of land in cultivation
  • Sugar refinery
  • Grain-receiving enterprise
  • Mixed fodder department
  • 5 cattle breeding complexes
  • A stud farm
  • Modern vehicle fleet
  • Modern technologies


We use the latest land cultivation and plant protection technologies. Scientifically based crop rotations make it possible to develop an agronomic strategy for increasing land productivity and crop yields.

We grow:

  • Winter wheat
  • Winter barley
  • Sunflower
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Sugar beet for further processing
  • Forage crops to meet the needs of cattle breeding


  • Dairy cattle breeding - 1500 head
  • Cattle for raising and fattening - 2000 head

On the stud farm "VYLA" we breed these kinds of cattle:

  • Simmental breed
  • Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed
  • Ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed

We have achieved the highest results in each of these areas: we have confirmed the status of a breeding plant, and we have passed the certification of products as organic ones, according to European standards No. 834/2007 and No. 889/2008


It is a developed high-tech enterprise, which is one of the best enterprises of the Ukrainian sugar industry.

  • Sugar beet processing capacity - more than 2600 tons a day.
  • Sugar production capacity - up to 400 tons a day.
  • During a sugar refining season, the enterprise is capable of producing over 40,000 tons of white sugar.

Sugar refining plant produces:

  • White crystalline sugar of I-III categories
  • Sucrose for champagne
  • Related products: molasses, pulp and commercial lime

Every year, operations on technical re-equipment, automation and modernization of production processes are carried out, energy-saving technologies are introduced and alternative fuels are used.

The grain-receiving enterprise in Zhuravlivka works as an elevator, storing grain and its by-products.

Our own mixed fodder department fully covers the feed needs of our farms.

  • 14 granaries
  • Total capacity - 60,000 tons
  • AKRON equipment for grain storage in the above-ground storehouse
  • Mixed fodder production - 30 tons a day
  • Large territory
  • Direct access to the railroad

Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" became the "Leader of the Year 2017" among the best enterprises in Ukraine.

In 2011-2013, Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" is invariably included in the rating of "The Agrarian Elite of Ukraine" according to the Farmer magazine, which unites 100 leading companies and executives of the domestic agroindustrial complex.

In 2010, the Agricultural complex became the owner of the "Industry Leader" certificate for its main activity - the cultivation of grain and industrial crops.

Tomashpil' sugar refining plant was ranked 1st among the sugar refineries of Vinnytsia Oblast in terms of technical and economic indicators of the 2011 season. Within the framework of "The National Competitiveness program", the products of the plant received the "Mark of Perfection", which confirms their compliance with the main national and international standards.

According to work results of the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine "Ukrsugar" in 2014, Tomashpil' sugar plant is ranked the 3rd among the sugar refineries of Ukraine in terms of the total number of points for technical and economic indices.