In September, the Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna", a diversified industrial complex, was created. The basis of the agricultural complex was Tomashpil' sugar plant, which was built in 1856, and farms of Tomashpil' and Tulchyn regions of Vinnytsia Oblast.
Continuation of the expansion program of the agricultural complex's land bank to provide the sugar plant with its own raw materials. The mechanization park is being intensively renewed with the acquisition of modern equipment from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers. Transition to a new level of agricultural technologies. Technical re-equipment of the sugar beet complex of the enterprise. A new lime-burning department is being built with the achievement of the best results at this technological site in the sugar industry of Ukraine.
The main building workshops of the plant are being reconstructed with the installation of vacuum apparatus with mechanical circulation and transition to a three product scheme. The thermal scheme of the production complex is being improved with the installation of a film evaporator, plate and massecuite heat exchangers; filtering equipment is being replaced using a filter press and bag syrup filters. The beet cutters are being replaced, the pumping park is being renewed, the drying complex of the sugar factory is being modernized.
Resources are invested in the acquisition of Zhuravlivka grain-receiving enterprise. Providing the agricultural complex with its own facilities for processing agricultural products with shipment by rail.
Loading Tomashpil' sugar plant by 100% with its own beet raw materials based on capacity and economic feasibility and processing of its record amount in 2008.
Organization of the enterprise's performance as a vertically integrated company, ensuring the use of modern approaches to control and manage its production with access to a new level of efficiency, competitiveness, development of the agroindustrial complex "Zelena Dolyna".
Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" is undergoing international certification of its products as organic ones.
The Agricultural complex issues primary loan bonds on "Ukrainian Exchange" and becomes the first representative of the agricultural industry in its history. The enterprise was awarded a diploma for taking the 1st place among the sugar plants of the region in terms of technical and economic indicators.
The reorganization of the enterprise was carried out by creating two powerful machine and tractor units with the acquisition of a large number of modern, high-tech agricultural equipment from leading world manufacturers.
Reconstruction of the grain-receiving enterprise was carried out with the installation of equipment of the Italian company "Strahl" aimed at increasing the capacity of agricultural products' processing.
Tomashpil' sugar plant processed a record amount of sugar beet for the season, taking the third place in Ukraine and the region among sugar refining plants. During the year, two steam boilers were converted to solid fuels, which have reduced gas consumption by 20 percent. A number of works were carried out on the thermal and technological scheme, which led to an increase in the main production indicators.
On March 21, 2015, the awards ceremony for the winners of the National Program "Person of the Year" took place. Yuriy Anatoliyovych Moroz, the CEO of the Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna", won the "Agrarian of the Year" award in the "Agrarian of the Year" nomination.
In 2016, on the farm of animal breeding in Palanka village, the reconstruction of stock-raising premises and the installation of a milking parlor with the "Herringbone" system was carried out. The free-standing technology of keeping cows and milking them in the halls made it possible to increase milk yield and receive milk of the highest quality, conduct breeding work at the proper level and provide comfortable working conditions.
In July, the first stage of construction of a complex for processing and storage of agricultural products with a capacity of 30,000 tons in the existing grain-receiving enterprises was completed. Thus, the total storage capacity at the grain receiving enterprise has been increased to 60,000 tons. Now the production complex will be able to receive and process up to 4,000 tons of grain per day.
LLC "Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" received the "Leader of the Year 2017" award among the leading enterprises of the Ukrainian economy. The construction of a sugar storehouse on the territory of Tomashpil' sugar plant is completed. The construction of the sugar storehouse increased the sugar storage capacity by almost 30% and reduced sales and logistics costs. Due to the implemented organizational and technical measures, the enterprise is capable of producing up to 50,000 tons of white crystalline sugar.