LLC "Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna" cooperates with all the communities

Today, more and more often, owners of land shares from different settlements prefer to lease their plots only to LLC “Agricultural complex "Zelena Dolyna", which always fulfills its obligations scrupulously and responsibly. And with those village communities where even a small area of land is leased, the agricultural enterprise is sure to establish partnerships in order to participate in solving problematic issues of the settlement. In particular:

- for Netrebivka village community this year, charitable help was provided for a total amount of almost 24,000 hryvnias, due to which the windows in the feldsher-midwife premises were replaced, and some linoleum was purchased for the school;

- for Yalanets' village community for a total amount of more than 27,000 hryvnias, construction materials were purchased for the implementation of current repairs in the kindergarten, the cultural center, the library and the administrative room of the headman, as well as trash cans and park benches;

- for Stina village community for a total amount of over 32,000 hryvnias, windows for the school, trash cans, building materials for the repair of monuments and a sports ground were purchased;

- for Antonivka village community for a total amount of 3605 hryvnias, transport services for the removal of garbage from the cemetery were provided;

- for Rozhniativka village community for a total amount of 2990 hryvnias an electric meat grinder was purchased for the school canteen;

- Pen'kivka village community used charitable help in the amount of 6350 hryvnias (as a share participation) to purchase a printer and printing paper for Tomashpil' school, where their children study.